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More people in the world die from suicide than by war and murder combined. By taking 5 minutes to get involved and become informed, you will be part of a worldwide movement to save lives. 

Complete All 5 By World Suicide Prevention Day! September 10, 2019

Take a few minutes to learn the warning signs of suicide. 

Know what to say and do if someone you know is struggling.

Make mental wellness a priority in your life.

Help is available and recovery is possible.

Pledge to tell 5 people about Take 5 and WSPD.

Emergency Warning Signs

Call 911 or the emergency service number of your country if you see or hear the following: 

  • Someone threatening to hurt or kill themselves or talking of wanting to die.

  • Someone looking for ways to kill themselves by seeking access to weapons or other lethal items (this can be online searches or physically looking for something in the moment of despair).

  • Someone talking or writing about death, dying or suicide.

Warning Signs of Suicide

Contact a mental health professional or hotline if you hear or see someone exhibiting one or more of these behaviors:​

  • Hopelessness

  • Rage, uncontrolled anger, seeking revenge

  • Acting reckless or engaging in risky activities, seemingly without thinking

  • Feeling trapped, like there’s no way out

  • Increased alcohol or drug use

  • Withdrawing from friends, family & society

  • Anxiety, agitation, unable to sleep or sleeping all the time

  • Dramatic mood changes

Suicide Helpline Information

In the US, Lifeline is available 24/7. Use this list of helpline resources if you or someone you know is suicidal.

This list of Warning Signs for Suicide was developed by an expert review and consensus process informed by a review of relevant research and literature. Additional information about the warning signs can be found in the following published article: Rudd, M. D., Berman, A. L., Joiner, T. E., Jr., Nock, M. K., Silverman, M. M., Mandrusiak, M., et al. (2006). Warning signs for suicide: Theory, research, and clinical applications. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior, 36(3), 255-262.

Instructions: Take a few minutes to learn the warning signs of suicide. Once you've finished, click the "Completed" button at the bottom of the page.