Customize Take 5 for Your Audience! 

Research suggests messages are more effective when they target a specific audience or group of people. See below for an example of how you can customize the Take 5 to Save Lives Steps and reach your targeted audience. Use the bottom to complete a short form and we will get to work on creating your custom Take 5 campaign. 


The American Academy of Emergency Medicine Resident and Student Association (AAEM/RSA)

AAEM/RSA created custom social media posts for their audience to use and share on social media. The Take 5 action steps stay the same but they customized the graphics with their own company images. They posted these images on their website and made they accessible for anyone to use and download. 

The American Academy of Emergency Medicine

AAEM added a Take 5 to Save Lives custom image to the homepage carousel of their website to increase visibility of Take 5 to Save Lives. The image link to more information supporting Take 5 and World Suicide Prevention Day. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 1.24.49 PM (1)
Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 1.29.58 PM (1)

Customize Take 5